2020Whatsnext.org’s mission is more a vision than it is a year. The agenda of 2020Whatsnext.org is Democracy Do Over. Make no mistake, Democracy Do Over is a game changer. Many of the problems in the United States like corporate control of government, the vanishing middle class, insane medical costs, rising health insurance costs, rising educational costs, attacks on the elderly and defenseless, and rising homelessness continue to crush our over-all welfare.  

The current regime's  “status quo” of planned citizen discord and citizens placing hope in politicians or political parties continues to fuel the “status quo.” The current “status quo” continues to erode the welfare and pursuit of happiness of hundreds of millions as citizens continue to place their faith in political actors that possess far less clout than their mouths would suggest. Solutions to these problems are uncomplicated; however, getting these easy solutions passed in the form of legislation and law remains challenging. 

Re-establishing unprejudiced citizen representation in government is a necessary first step. With the desire to improve lives and armed with appropriate education, leveling the political playing field is as easy as bringing back citizen representation into our government.  Steadfast in our resolve to improve our lives, as empowered citizens, we will appropriately call it: "Pursuit of Happiness!"

       We agree, the needs of the many are more important than the greed of a few.