Political Evolution !

   Greed hasn’t worked for humanity since recorded history.
   Now is the time for Democracy Do Over!
More than ever, our government  has become co-mingled with corporate interests and the opinions of many self-interested top ten percent income earners. Even if you are moderately comfortable now, how much more “status quo” can you afford?


Millions of individuals, families, and elderly are one, two, or three paychecks away from devastation.  Catastrophic accidents or illnesses send millions of Americans into bankruptcy and the poorhouse. Millions of employed pay federal taxes on their income while corporations taking advantage of loopholes can pay zero federal taxes.
It has become media’s objective to control to the greatest extent possible your thoughts, actions, and ideas.    Keeping the masses busy, entertained, and mesmerized has the same effect as divide and concur. Would you agree, it is time to look beyond the smoke and mirrors and focus on what has happened, how it happened, and how to fix it?

Have you accepted not having a voice in government?

Have you accepted successful corporate lobbying in conflict with citizen welfare?

Have you accepted Corporations not paying taxes?

Have you accepted Insurance companies controlling medical coverage?

Have you accepted paying the highest prices for healthcare and prescription drugs?

Have you accepted cutting the elderly, poor, and disabled benefits?

Have you accepted paying for college loans when projected jobs are not available?

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“America is a dream of greater justice and opportunity for the average man, and if we cannot obtain it, all of our other achievements amount to nothing." Eleanor Roosevelt.