To a great degree, the amount of freedom you have is
determined by where you fall on the socio-economic ladder.

The opportunity to reinstate citizen representation in government is upon us.  

After reading the inexpensive short book "2020: What's Next?”, a book of action, we see that improvements to law and changes to the “status quo” far outweigh the benefits of band-aides. Without changes in law, the "staus quo" does not change. The strength in numbers for these changes in law and to the “status quo” comes from the unification of the many special interest groups trying to make this world a better place. Support comes from those who have awakened from the state of sleepwalking created by media propaganda; in short, support comes from those who are sick and tired of treachery, broken band aides, and secrecy. Seriously, what can we not do together?

Common Cause                      Institute for Local Self-Reliance        

A New Peace Paradigm            Why boycotts outperform bombs                          Ralph Nadar 

The Guardian                          The AFL-CIO                           

Inequality Media                      Friends of the Earth               

Roosevelt Institute                  The Stamp Stampede


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These Links represent millions of Americans looking to increase justice and opportunity